Written by Nici:

So originally my first burning man event was in 2003 with my two brothers Kevin & Brent, and their friend Nate. It was eye opening to say the least.

In 2005 I opted to travel out to the playa with Niko, Paul, and Heather in an RV and again we camped next to my brothers.

After that year we were convinced that having a camp for all of our other friends would be awesome and 12 of us headed out there. We did alot of building that year!

Hadessa and I with the help of Heather and TJ built the skin that goes over the geodome.
We also pitched in and had 4 dinner meals pre-cooked and ready to boil for the whole camp.

The whole week we managed to head out as a group to a specified location and then disperse as we saw fit from the rally point. There was A LOT of "herding cats" :D

So the original Naked Ninja's consists of:
Kevin, Brent, Nate, Heather, Josie, Kim, Niko, Paul, Mario, Brian, TJ and myself. (We also had three honorary camp mates Adam, Megan, and Josh)

The Naked Ninja name was coined that year by Brent. We all had walkie talkies and Brent came over the airwaves looking for Naked Ninja Nici, and from then on it just stuck that we were all Naked Ninja's.

Seriously, how would you know if we were naked or not, we're NINJA'S!!!!!

2007 the roster changed up a bit:
Josh & Heather, AmberCat & myself, Pete and Kat, Nate & Kevin, Hadessa, and Carly


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